Our mission

“Good food, No design”. We opened with the following slogan years ago, as a guerrilla restaurant. That meant we weren’t focusing on looks and design, solely on the food — on clean, quality ingredients in particular.  Seven years have gone by, we’ve changed and developed and so has the world around us …

“Good Food, less Design!”may be our new slogan. We still concentrate on excellent ingredients and their adequate, mild and modern processing technologies — in other words clean, high quality food. But in addition, Malackrumpli has become a fun hang-out spot, providing guests a great environment, music, lights, friendly service and the relaxed atmosphere of Lake Balaton…

Jacek Luzsa - creative chef of the restaurant, owner

Jacek grew up on his grandmother’s Polish cooking. Intense flavors always impressed him. His granddad also cooked, he represented the Hungarian flavors, but grandma’s cooking dominated. For Jacek, gastronomy, as such, meant Polish dishes in a Hungarian environment.
In 2008, he traveled to Ireland, where, to a celestial suggestion (no joke), he enrolled in a three-year college chef training. He advanced heftily, gobbling through the first year’s curriculum, which made him hungry for more. Breton Eric Théze, the owner and chef of La Boheme Restaurant, became his master and mentor. French cuisine, with Irish ingredients. An ideal pairing. Jacek started his career here as a kitchen assistant. He had a hard training.
After two years, he traveled to Lanzarote, the easternmost island of the Canary Islands, where he had applied for a kitchen job at the restaurant ‘Quintins’. He started working in the best local restaurant. He gained exceptional practice in using fresh fish in the kitchen.
Then he returned to Waterford to his master, working as a sous-chef in La Boheme. He achieved what he could here. He wanted new challenges.
He applied for a position of kitchen department manager at Kendals, the restaurant of a nearby golf resort called Mount Juliet. He won the position. At the golf club, there is a 17th-century mansion within which you can find the one-star Lady Helen restaurant, where you can only get a job at the kitchen if someone dies. Jacek decided to find a way to conquer the mansion’s kitchen as well, which he temporarily managed to do, but, as we know since Kafka, staying was out of the question.
He wanted to go home. He did not choose Budapest, but rather the Balaton Highlands. Jacek instinctively moves along the French – Hungarian – Polish line. To have a leading taste on the plate, sauces with character are important. Tastes that can divert you should be treated carefully. It is not so much the visuality of the plate that counts; it is rather the content. The plate image only serves, “sells” the plate, but it can’t control it. Jacek operates a popular, gourmet, innovative Hungarian cuisine, always making sure to use local flavors and local specialties. We hope he stays, for the delight of those with a delicate palate.
Source: Pierre Vajda, Magyar Konyha (Hungarian Cuisine)

Farm to Table

We continue to believe in local quality, local producers, in free-range animals and certified organic vegetables, which guarantee the original, savoury taste (Farm to Table). Our selected ingredients come from organic farms and from local producers in the region but we’re ready to go far to get the best of everything. We live in a fast-paced world and our culinary environment is transforming just as quickly, so we had to realize that it was no longer enough to cook great — we needed to come up with “something special” that made us unique. That is why it is our great pleasure to be using special (Myron Mixon) smokers. We process the finest ingredients with the latest technologies to ensure that the food is of perfect consistency and temperature at the moment of serving.
We also produce many of our primary products ourselves; all mangalica ham, smoked bacon and sausages are produced in our winter season (they’re cured for 8-9 months), in autumn we can tomatoes (pizza toppings), paprika salt, and homemade pickles, ensuring the high quality of our processed foods by making them ourselves.

What are we most proud of?

In addition to the praising words about us in the press and in professional evaluations, we’re most proud of the fact that, based on feedback and experience, our message seems to be fulfilling its purpose.  We managed to reach a quality circle of guests who do not only wish to enjoy good food but also want to come back to Malackrumpli. We’re constantly working on enriching this experience for them, time and time again.

What is in fact Malackrumpli?

We call in Hungarian “Malackrumpli” or “pig potatoes”, the type of small potatoes that remain after classification, (big – for human consumption, medium – seed potatoes, small – pig potatoes) because they’re considered too small for any good use and are therefore fed to pigs. We prepare the best confit potatoes from these ingredients destined for the pigs! It is of course a wordplay, a joke… we made it up because we mostly produce pork and potatoes on our farm…   and because we needed a catchy name that was easy to remember, which was playful enough, not too conservative, one that everybody could remember… you know, not fish & chips but pig & chips…

Our Past and our Cred

Where did we start out from? We needed a place where we could make good food from good ingredients, which, in 2013, was a serious challenge in the gastronomic desert around lake Balaton.
Malackrumpli Bistro opened its doors for the first time in the summer of 2013 as a part of the still-existing Biobalaton grower’s market in Balatonfüred. Our primary goal was to operate the market and to support our own certified organic farm (www.fekete-barany.hu), but the guerrilla restaurant, operated with great enthusiasm and a modest infrastructure, became very successful very quickly. The media picked us up, and, in some ways, flooded us: the guests just kept coming and coming. We had to close by the end of the season and we were able to reopen the next year only with great difficulties. We were guerrillas, we just wanted to cook good food, but the world changed, and we had to change, too (in the second year we could not get away with not having any shade on the terrace…), so we had to invent something new every year while retaining the old values. We had to develop and invest continuously.

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Opening hours

Monday-Sunday 12:00-22:00


14 Kossuth Lajos StreetTihany 8237